Sex is proven to relieve stress, boosts your immune system and is one of the best forms of exercise

Here at Pillowsforeplay we want to make sure you get the best out of You!

No matter how adventurous or discreet you like to be, whatever physical abilities you possess, your size, shape or sex, we can provide you with a pillow that will be just right for you.

Have a look at the top of the page and we hope you find something to go with whichever pillow you choose .

If you want to enhance your personal time or bring a bit of fun to a couple session the Pillowforeplay can help.

The Pillowsforeplay Product

Our design gives YOU full control

The pillow is robust and easily inflated.

Most Vibrators & Dildos will fit into the Bolero , Fleshlight and other sleeve toys are held firmly by The Tango giving players a choice or a chance to take a Chance.

Coming soon we'll be offering a duel pillow so couples can enjoy using their sex toys together leaving your hands free to explore each other.

Best toy EVER??? YES!!!

I don't even know where to start with how delighted I am with my pillow.

First of all it lies on my bed in all it's glory and only me, my partner and our pillow could ever know our secrets.

The idea behind buying the pillow was I wanted a 3some but my boyfriend really didn't like the idea of another man being involved. 

The pillow just seemed like the perfect choice... not to go into too much detail but I have NEVER felt soooo FULFILLED! 

The dildo didn't move , come out or dislodge in any way. I have since tried the pillow several times on my own, sometimes my boyfriend will watch for a bit of foreplay...

God you feel so naughty. HIGHLY recommended! x