What is Pillowsforeplay?

The whole concept is that anyone can play with and enjoy the pillow at their own speed and to their own satisfaction

Serving as a great spectator sport for couples, making up an innocent three-some with any combination easily achieved with no egos or feelings being hurt.

Other similar toys on the market tend towards the fixed rigid and unsympathetic dildo’s whereas this pillow allows you to use your number one toy and indeed your number two or number three.

Suggestive illustration of women sitting astride the Pillowsforeplay Bolero Suggestive illustration of a male astride the Pillowsforeplay Tango Suggestive illustration of a couple sitting astride the Pillowsforeplay She-Saw
Sit, ride and grind with Pillowsforeplay.

A high quality inflatable pillow comprising of two inner chambers allowing you to find YOUR perfect position!

 With no restriction on size or weight this pillow the ideal product for anyone looking to enjoy a hands free experience with their favourite sex toy.

 Team up with your partner to enjoy either of these pillows or take them on a solo adventure, either way you'll be sure to have hours of enjoyment feeling the vibrations purring though out and exciting your body.

The technology that holds the sex toy in place is what allows you to go 'hands free' leaving you to explore other avenues of satisfaction.

Using the pressure cuff, simply insert the toy and squeeze the pump located in the top corner of the pillow to hold it in place.

Using the valves on the pillow you can increase or decrease the air in the two chambers giving You full control.

The high quality medical grade PU combined with the quality of the valves (the same valves that are used in life jackets) allows you to enjoy the pillow without any concerns for personal hygiene.

The Pillowsforeplay is accompanied with a stunning pillowslip and can be further customised with a range of optional slips (coming soon)  including leather, lace or PVC.

These slips are an essential part of the pleasure and you use them to disguise your pillow or to enhance to your experience.

Never underestimate the power of  fabrics during sexual exploration.
The various models of the Pillowsforeplay support most adult  toys on the market.

The ideal toy for couple fun, sharing every movement and every pleasure.