Which Pillow is For Me?

The Pillowsforeplay Pillow is currently available in 2 models.

Different Options and Different Fun


Suggestive illustration of women sitting astride the Pillowsforeplay Bolero

The Bolero is capable of holding most vibrators and dildos on the market with a diameter of up to 70mm or 2.8 inches. You can team up with your partner or take it on a solo adventure, either way you’ll enjoy the vibrations purring throughout your body.


Suggestive illustration of a male astride the Pillowsforeplay Tango

The Tango is capable of holding most sleeve toys on the market.  The internal design that holds your sleeve toy in place allows you to go ‘hands free’ leaving you to explore other avenues of satisfaction.

Coming Soon

Suggestive illustration of a couple sitting astride the Pillowsforeplay She-Saw

The She-Saw - launching very shortly.